Tips for using insulating and visibility clothing

Perspiration and condensation have an impact on the insulation value of protective clothing. To ensure good insulation, it is important to change clothes in time and allow them to dry properly. Needless to say, damaged clothing also affects the insulating value of thermal and freezer clothing.

Do you wear high visibility clothing or signal clothing? Then it is important that the signal areas are well visible and clean. Regular washing of high visibility clothing is therefore necessary. In order to extend the life and quality of the clothing, it is important that the clothing is dried thoroughly each time. It is obvious that broken clothing does not contribute to safety and wearing comfort. Repairs and mending increase safety and extend the life of high visibility clothing.

Drying systems

Our partner Pronomar BV supplies ingenious solutions for the drying of insulating and cold resistant workwear. Your clothing gets the careful treatment it deserves.

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