Cold Tex fitting van

Dressed for the occasion, you head out the door. Whether that's to the gym, restaurant or an outing. You dress for it. Wear what you like. What suits you. And for work, it's not different. Especially not different. Because clothes that you wear day in, day out under extreme cold conditions, you want them to be tailor-made for you. And that does not mean following the latest fashion trends. No, you want clothes that are comfortable, in which you can move freely. And clothes that protect you optimally. From head to toe

You will find it all in Cold Tex freezer clothing!

For many years - since 1992 to be precise - it has been our mission to protect  workers in a freezer from the cold with our clothing. 

Because we control the entire process; from design to production and delivery, we dare say that we have the best freezer clothing for your employees. 

We are so convinced of this that we are happy to come to you with our van to see for ourselves. And experience it, of course. Because it is a fitting van for a reason. Dressed in Cold Tex clothing, you can feel the wearing comfort and see the high-quality workmanship with attention to the smallest details.

And no, we don't walk around with our shoes on at Cold Tex. We take working in the cold extremely seriously and know exactly what health risks it entails. That is why we are constantly working on further optimising our clothing line and accessories. 

Safe and reliable

Working in (extreme) cold requires clothing that meets all the requirements of these conditions. Clothing that not only offers you optimal wearing comfort, but also optimal protection. You have to be able to rely on that. Every day. Cold Tex freezer clothing keeps your employees safe and warm. Promise.

Workwear that fits your body

That is important to us. Because only if you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear you will be able to do a good job. And because not everyone is the same, it is important - especially if you are exposed to cold every day - that the clothing fits the body properly. Fitting clothing ensures optimal protection and insulation. Exactly what our clothes are meant for.

So book a fitting session in our special Cold Tex bus now. Then your employees can see for themselves which clothing is right for them. We will gladly come along for the ride!

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