Our commitment to you.

Optimal protection.

Since the early 1990s, we at Cold Tex have been developing clothing that guarantees the best protection for working in extreme cold conditions. Our starting point? Optimal protection against cold and high wearing comfort. This combination has required Cold Tex a number 1 reputation in the cold storage industry; where the working conditions are harsh and wearing comfort makes all the difference. 

The importance of the wearer counts.

Since the start of Cold Tex, founder and owner Arjo van Tuijl has had one goal in mind: “To offer clothing and accessories/equipment, without making concessions to the wearer’s comfort’. Many years of experience and accumulated knowledge have led to a top-class collection of thermal and reefer  shoes, gloves and other accessories/equipment. 

Rather cooperate than deliver.

Our collection of thermal and freezer clothing is entirely developed in-house and produced in cooperation with partners who guarantee the very best quality. At Cold Tex, we truely understand the importance of our collection, but we also know that our partnership really proves itself through outstanding service. For example, we can customize the clothing if required (even the design, if you want), we relieve you of the burden of washing and cleaning and we carry out repairs. This way, we also believe to underline the sustainable nature of our commitment. 

Safety first.

When designing and developing the clothing collections, Cold Tex relies on guidelines and regulations that apply to 'protective clothing against the cold' and 'protective clothing in general'. This is reflected in the certifications awarded: EN342 and EN ISO 13688. EN342 guarantees the protection and insulation value and EN ISO 13688 guarantees the quality and durability of the fabrics and materials used.

Our commitment to sustainability.

At Cold Tex, we value the importance of reusing materials. Therefore the thermal insulation in our thermal and freezer clothing is a 100% recycled material. Besides that, we also only use fabrics in the production process of our clothing that are recyclable.