3-star service.

We are very proud that Cold Tex customers trust the quality, protection and comfort of our thermal and freezer clothing over and over again. This is due to the distinctive quality of our thermal and freezer clothing collections. But a much-repeated added value is the personal attention and the service we provide. From the design and composition of a tailor-made clothing package to the care of your clothing package long after we have delivered the clothing. We call it our 3-star service.

Guaranteed quality. So Safe.

All Cold Tex thermal and freezer clothing collections meet up to the legal requirements for working in cold conditions. EN342 applies as the standard in this regard. In the selection of outer fabrics, insulating interlayers, linings and fastenings, we only settle for the best materials. However, in addition to choosing high-quality certified materials and fabrics, the wearing comfort also determines the quality and safety of thermal and freezer clothing. It is therefore the most important starting point for our design team. Thanks to our European production facilities, we can check at any time that the quality delivered meets our strict standards.

A tailor-made clothing package. Tailor-made appearance.

Thanks to our own design team, we can offer a wide variety of models and colour combinations within our thermal and freezer clothing collections. However, it may be that your requirements are not met by our standard range. That is not a problem. Our design team will happily work with you to create an exclusive custom-made thermal or freezer clothing collection based on your (design) wishes. This can be done, for example, by adapting colours, unique badges or logos. Also a model adjustment is one of the possibilities. In this way, we can ensure that the recognition of your employees matches the professional image of your company.

Durable is better. Wash and repair service.

If there is one thing that has an impact on sustainability, it is the lifespan of thermal and freezer clothing. It all starts with the choice of materials and the care taken during the production process. Also the way of maintaining the clothing is very important. Drying the clothing after use provides better protection, and it is a known fact that clean clothing lasts longer. Cold Tex lends a hand in keeping your thermal and freezer clothing in good condition. We have our laundry and repair service. This way, we are in time to detect and repair your clothing. From zip to cuff, from button to tear…