Freezer gloves

Freezer gloves

When choosing good protective gloves, it is important to pay attention to a number of things. Grip is important. Especially in cold and damp conditions. In order to offer protection down to -30 ̊C, the freezer gloves of Cold Tex are equipped with an insulation layer and warm lining.

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About gloves

The use of gloves in work situations has become the standard. Both in situations where the hands need to be protected from blisters, abrasions and sharp objects, and in situations where hygiene and precision are important. The biggest challenge for hand protection are situations where it is also extremely cold and/or damp. Because in addition to sustain protection from cold and moisture, it is important to maintain a good grip.

Protection against cold and moisture

Cold Tex freezer gloves are designed for optimal protection and optimal grip in extreme conditions. The gloves meet the EN511 standard and offer protection against convective cold - thanks to a close-fitting tricot wrist cuff -, contact cold - thanks to an insulating intermediate layer - and are resistant to penetrating water from outside for at least 5 minutes. Good grip is ensured by a rubber finish on the palm and fingertips.

The right glove for the job

Working for several hours in extreme cold requires a different kind of hand protection than working for a short period in a cold environment. Therefore we have an extensive range of gloves that provide optimum protection for specific tasks in specific conditions.