Head protection

Head protection

Part of our body temperature is lost through the head. The head therefore deserves good protection in cold conditions. Cold Tex always has an optimally fitting product in its range. We keep the ears warm. And the head cool. For optimal performance.

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About head protection.

At Cold Tex, head protection means providing protection against the cold. When the head is exposed to the cold for a long period of time, all kinds of health problems can occur. Blood vessels constrict in the cold. As a result, blood flows through the head more slowly, which can lead to headaches and/or migraines. It is therefore important to protect your head optimally against the cold.

Insulating effect

When choosing hats, caps and balaclavas, it is important to consider the materials used. Woolen materials provide good heat protection. However, in places where there is a lot of air movement (outdoors or in freezing rooms) the cold air will still pass through the coarse fabric. For those  kind of places it is better to choose denser fabrics, such as fleece. 

Wearing comfort

A hat or balaclava should not only protect against the cold, it should also provide comfort. The field of view should not be restricted and freedom of movement should not be impeded. A cap that fits too tight can cause perspiration. It is important to prevent this because perspiration can freeze. In that case this means the cure is worse that the disease.