Freezer boots & accessories

Freezer boots & accessories

The collection of freezer shoes of Cold Tex is characterised by the use of high-quality materials. The cold is kept out thanks to a special rubber application that remains flexible even in extreme cold. Some models within the freezer shoe collection are equipped with a lambskin inner lining. This keeps feet dry.

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The importance of warm and dry feet.

We probably don't need to explain the use and function of safety shoes to you anymore. Since the introduction of safety shoes, many industrial accidents have been prevented. Injuries caused by something heavy falling on your foot, or injuries caused by stepping on something sharp; they only occur to a limited extent nowadays.
With increasing safety at work, an important element is often forgotten. Namely, the 'well-being' of the feet. Because a closed, safe shoe that causes intense perspiration is not desirable. The same applies to a safe shoe that does not warm up enough when it is cold. Fortunately, that is the expertise of Cold Tex. And that is reflected in an extensive collection of work and safety shoes that also offer protection against the cold and moisture.

The importance of warmth

When working in cold conditions, on cold floors, the cold quickly gets into your shoes or boots through the sole. The blood vessels in your feet constrict in response and release even less heat. The result is that your feet get even colder. If this happens for a short period of time, there is nothing to worry about. But if you work in such cold conditions every day, your feet will become increasingly painful. Moreover, in the long run, other complaints will arise due to poor circulation in your feet. The importance of protective footwear, especially against the cold, is therefore not a luxury but a necessity for your health

The quality of a protective safety shoe

Good safety shoes fulfil a number of essential requirements. First of all, they should protect against falling objects or impacts with the aid of a steel or synthetic toecap. Another important element is a sturdy sole, which prevents sharp objects from penetrating your foot. Another element is the fit and preventing loose loops and straps that can get caught behind objects. However, when a safety shoe also has to protect against moisture and cold, other requirements come into play. 

The sole of a cold-resistant safety shoe consists of a thick outer sole, which remains flexible in extreme cold. Furthermore, additional intermediate layers and an inner sole are applied to prevent the cold from conducting. The shaft of the shoe can be made of leather, but the use of polyamides and other synthetic materials also offer good protection against possible penetrating moisture from outside. One of the most important parts of a protective safety shoe is the applied inner material. A good shoe offers space and mobility, but also warmth. To prevent that heat from causing perspiration, breathable and highly absorbent inner materials are chosen