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Cold Tex can take care of any workwear related responsibilities for you. Anything from the selection, measurements, printing to transportation, cleaning and repairs.
We enjoy keeping the lines short and engage directly with our clients and end
users. Therefore we deliberately chose to keep all of our services in-house.
This allows us to safeguard the quality of the service we provide.

Our service provision is comprised of

Transport AND showroom

Most of your orders will be delivered using our own means of transport. This keeps the line between the producer and the end user as short as possible, and allows us to keep an eye and grip on the quality of the service provision we stand for. One of our trucks has been fitted as a mobile showroom of our entire standard assortment of freezer wear and workwear, shoes and gloves. We gladly drive this ‘store’ to your location, allowing the end user to view and try on the clothing for themselves. We are well versed in the requirements of working in refrigerated areas and will gladly advise on which choice will be the most suited for everyone personally. Of course we can also enhance the selected items of clothing with your company logo, or get them custom tailored to specific needs. Our showroom truck features a complete range of sizes to try on as well as the equipment we need to professionally measure the feet for instance.

Laundry service

In order to prolong the lifespan of our freezer clothes, Cold Tex features their very own laundry service. This because, in order to retain the insulation level, it is important that freezer wear is cleaned professionally and carefully. Not every laundry service can accommodate this. When you get your clothing washed by us, we will immediately check it for
small defects (zippers, cuffs, etc.) and treat the zippers to make sure they run nice and smooth. In case your clothing doesn’t feature a company logo, we will attach laundry labels stating your company name. This will ensure you that
you will always get back your own clothing! You can also obtain special laundry bags to collect the laundry in. As agreed our driver will drop by on a fixed schedule (for instance every week or biweekly) to collect the laundry and bring back the clean items. 


We offer a repair service for clothing of our own
label. These repairs could include zippers (we only use YKK zippers), cuffs,
snap buttons and repairing small tears in the fabric. Clothing which needs
repairing will first be washed by us.


Cold Tex can enhance your freezer wear and workwear with your company logo, and even with the name of the wearer. You can pick one of our options:  

  • Getting the entire logo embroidered on, directly onto the material of the clothing.
  • Getting the logo printed directly onto the material of the clothing
  • Getting the logo emboridered or printed on a loose badge, which can then be sown onto the clothing