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Cold Tex specialises in cold resistant workwear for activities in cold stores. We deal
in various premium brands and produce our own label: from coats and gloves to
socks and footwear. As a standard version or entirely custom made.

About our company

A short introduction

Cold Tex was established in 1992 and has since grown to be a renowned player in the field of clothing and accessories for activities in cold stores. We are able to make fast deliveries (most articles are in
stock) and even quickly accommodate custom orders, for instance with embroidered logos or different colours than the standard models. Upon request we gladly bring our mobile showroom to your location, allowing the end users to
try out the clothing for themselves. We are well versed in the requirements of working in refrigerated areas and are always happy to advise you on which choice would be the most suitable for your situation.


For a long time, director/owner Van Tuijl worked as a forklift driver in a cold store. So he has personal experience on the job. Van Tuijl: "I was cold quite often – especially my feet and hands were freezing. I always thought that could be improved. When I found some proper gloves and boots on a holiday in Austria, I decided to start importing them. This was how Cold Tex started out, entirely by chance."


Cold Tex is located in Gameren, a small municipality near Zaltbommel. Van Tuijl: "I was born and raised here, and life is good in this area. Additionally, it is slap-bang in the middle of the Netherlands, with easy access. Gameren is an excellent base for us."

Quality and safety

Right to the finest detail, all Cold Tex clothing complies with the European requirements for personal protective equipment as well as with the EN342 (protective clothing against cold) and EN340 (protective
clothing in general) standards. In the EN342 standard requirements and test methods have been determined for the insulation level (= time someone can work in this clothing at a certain temperature), the wind proofing and breathability (both important for keeping or dispersion of the body heat). In the EN340 standard requirements and test methods have been determined regarding the presence of hazardous substances, ergonomic value, label information and the size system.